The company

At IKTEO PAPADOPOULOS our goal and purpose is to provide specialized and upgraded services related to the technical control of vehicles, the service and safety of the driver, which our many years of experience guarantee, consistency and responsibility, modern machinery and excellent training and qualified staff.

Our services and customer service are offered with courtesy and immediacy where in a beautiful environment we complete thoroughly and in every detail the technical inspection, saving comfort and time. We always give the real picture of the car to the driver responsibly and honestly.

Our certified services and technical inspection procedures according to the international standard of TUV Austria Hellas according to ISO 9001: 2008, the specialized technicians, the respect for your needs and requirements enable us to offer complete solutions and to ensure relationships of trust with them. our customers!

Our vision is to provide a high level of technical services, the application of new technologies in every form and process of offering them to all our companies.

Our guide and advisor, your evaluation and critique that arms us with strength, mood and confidence to become better and remain the FIRST CHOICE of drivers / motorists.