Exhaust Control Card (KEK)

All vehicles are obliged to be supplied with K.E.K. (Exhaust Control Card) 1 YEAR from the first day of their circulation and to renew it every YEAR for the E.I.X. and F.I.X up to 3.5 tons gross and every SIX MONTHS for taxis and heavy vehicles.

According to the legislation 3897 / 10-12-2010 the vehicles that pass KTEO from 1/1/2011 the TECHNICAL INSPECTION REPORT has a KEK position with a time valid equal to that of the card (1 year or 6 months). After the period of 1 year or 6 months the vehicle is obliged to be supplied with KEK.

At KTEO Papadopoulos we can issue you an Exhaust Card without an appointment in 10΄.