Special Initial Inspection (LPG)

New control service at Mr. KTEO for LPG vehicles. After installing the special equipment that converts the vehicle to LPG, obtain the certified Technical Inspection Card. Mr. KTEO is at your disposal to inform you about it.

Initial (the special KTEO control, immediately after its conversion to LPG).

Initial special LPG control procedure:

The installer gives you the necessary documents which you submit to KTEO together with the modified vehicle. After the end of the inspection, the KTEO prepares in a file all the supporting documents which are sent as an official to the transport headquarters of the vehicle. With the submission of the supporting documents, a protocol number is received and KTEO informs the customer about the date of submission of the supporting documents and about the possible date of receipt of the new license. The customer / owner or an authorized representative must come to the District where the supporting documents were submitted with the original marketing authorization and receive the new license by submitting the old one.