When should the technical inspection take place:

In case your vehicle is found to have serious defects and needs repairs, you have 20 days at your disposal for the re-inspection and the issuance of the technical inspection card. The technical director of KTEO Papadopoulos can give you an additional 10 days in cases where the repairs are extensive.

In case of late submission of the vehicle for KTEO inspection or re-inspection, a special increased fee is paid depending on the category stated in the vehicle registration certificate, but also the period of the delay. More specifically:

Late inspection KTEO TAXI

Type of Vehicle

Up to 30 days

From 30 days to 6 months

More than 6 months





We remind you that overdue fees are in favor of the State and are paid in full to the Greek State in the form of an electronic fee (e-fee).

For your convenience, their issuance can be done by us at an increased administrative cost.

The above amounts do not include control costs.

In case a vehicle arrives for re-inspection and 60 days have passed from the date of KTEO inspection, during which serious deficiencies were found, then a full KTEO inspection is performed and the corresponding normal full inspection fee is paid together with the special increased fee according to the time period. of delay.